A predecessor….

Often when you are a Priest in a church you never meet those who were priests before you. One of those priests I never met was Keith Trudgill who was at Lenzie as Rector from 1978 – 1986. It was odd then to get a phone call yesterday morning to say he had died. However, I circulated the news around our church as soon as I could (we have an E.mail round robin.) And then it started! People saying “he prepared me for confirmation.” “He baptised my children.” And every E.mail paying tribute to him being a really good and friendly man. The comments continued this morning at church, all along the same lines. I never met him, but there is no doubt – in the great chain of Rectors at our church from 1873 to the present, he was an important and special link. And he was a very special link for many people still at St. Cyprian’s. And for that we all give thanks.

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