Marriage at St. Cyprian’s Church

The Scottish Episcopal Church has always enjoyed offering wedding services to those who want to be married, and has always welcomed any enquiry about weddings. In June the Scottish Episcopal Church, of which St. Cyprian’s is part, opened the way for same-sex marriages to be held in their churches.

For same-sex marriages to be held in a local church, the church has to be happy to host such services, and the Rector of the church has to be nominated and accepted to conduct such services. At St. Cyprian’s the church has agreed to host same-sex marriages, and the Rector Les Ireland has permission to carry out such weddings.

All weddings are considered equal, in terms of what we offer and the legalities that have to be fulfilled, and same-sex marriages are treated in exactly the same way as hetero-sexual marriages. If you would like to enquire about getting married at St. Cyprian’s, please contact the Rector on 0141 776 3866 – we would love to hear from you!