A glimmer of hope?

We (particularly I!) are very keen to maintain the grounds of our church for the benefit of wildlife, as well as creating within it a sense of “sacred space.” We have all sorts of dreams of what we can do with our grounds, but already have nest boxes, stuff planted for wildlife etc. etc. So are we succeeding? Not sure, but yesterday after church a number of us were supping tea, when someone spotted a tree-creeper on the trees outside our hall. We watched it climbing the tree just feet away from where we were. Tree creepers are unusual birds to see. I have seen one once before in the grounds, and saw one in the trees behind the new medical centre. But great to see one yesterday, and for lots of people to see it. What dies it look like? Well it is an LBJ (little brown job) but has unique behaviour – crawling up – always up – trees, where it catches insects in the bark to eat. This is one:  Image result for Tree creeper

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